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Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4

Silk Scarf

Experience Luxury and Style with this Summery Silk Scarf.

As the sun shines high, let the lightweight silk drape around you, reflecting the brilliance of summer hues. Let the warmth of the day weave stories with the mesmerising motifs of your scarf. Every design is a tale of fashion waiting to unfold.

Our Mission

Spirit Animal: Wolf Scarf (115 x 4)    

A shamanic belief is that spirit animals guide us through our path of life. The Wolf is associated with a deep connection of intuition and instincts, a love for freedom and sharp intelligence. Wolves are incredibly intelligent and adaptable creatures and have followed us, humans, for more than 15.000 years!

Wolves are truly magical creatures:

Their social structure is very similar to us humans. Wolves are living in a monogamous relationship, having an alpha male and alpha female. 

When in nature, the "lonely wolf" will be searching for a partner to bond with, and these bonds last for long times, sometimes even a lifetime. Wolves protect and feed their offspring as a pack since Teamwork makes the dream work. When having reached adolescence, many of the wolves will leave their family, searching for a partner to create a family of their own.

The hierarchy that is often heard of when talking about wolves serves an important purpose for them, giving them order in their lives: The alpha male eats first, while the alpha female is having his back, making sure none of the other wolves is trying to cut the line. The same repeats for the alpha female. The Beta male, having a very important role himself, too, is making sure that no other wolf will disturb the peace of the alpha female eating.

The alpha male and female are the only ones allowed to create offspring, while all the pack helps raise the baby-wolves. 

An interesting reproductive strategy that is quite different from the "typical" reproduction in the animal kingdom:

While some animals' reproductive strategy consists of creating much offspring, of which some will hopefully survive, other animals will give birth to only one baby and care for it so it has the best survival chances.

The wolves' purpose is to grant the survival of the "genetic material" as a pack: The alphas are giving birth and the pack is helping in educating, feeding and raising those babies. Wolves work together as a team!

They are a family; hunting together, eating together and in order, raising off-spring together. They even have cuddle time -lots of it.

Now, are these not truly magical animals?

Express the connection to this beautiful animal by wearing this silk scarf around your neck, your wrist or as a headband.


Our Mission

Let Laila Regalado fashion accessories be the constant reminder of your divine feminine and empowering source. Start working with your Spirit Animals and let them encourage you to be living your best life ever. The power lies within each and every woman, and we all have the potential to unlock our own unique magic within.

We endeavour to bring colour, life and love to the lives of strong, feminine and inspiring women through our scarf accessories. To some, it might only be fashion - to us, it’s magic.


The Wolf - my own personal project

As a Dog lover, the wolf is one of the most fascinating animals for me. They have a rich, very expressive language that I admire. I could watch Wolf Videos all day long.

Unfortunately, those animals are often not being welcomed, since being seen as dangerous. Hardly are there ever wolves attacking humans -in fact, wolves avoid humans. 

I am donating part of my income to Foundations that are ensuring the protection of these magical animals. And, for this very fashion silk head scarf, I will be donating 100 % of the profits to:

 Nabu Germany

Our Mission

Playful. Feminine. Silk Scarves

Laila Regalado presents an elegantly playful collection of sustainable silk scarves, designed with the ambitiously driven, unapologetically feminine woman in mind. Rooted in a rich cultural and spiritual history with a boldly contemporary, modern aesthetic, the collection is the epitome of where old meets new, producing a distinctively magical essence.

We believe that the way we dress holds power, and how we present ourselves to the world says much about our individual tastes and preferences. Feeling confident with our appearance has the potential to mold our perspective, and with this mindset transformation comes a host of wonderful experiences that we refer to as ‘life’.

The Laila Regalado collection is designed to help women feel magnificent in their very own skin, allowing their inner radiance to shine through their fashion choices. Instead of being led by industry standards, the Laila Regalado Woman actively constructs her own style, making conscious decisions about the pieces she chooses to invest in. She values the customs, styles, and cuisines of every location she visits, creating her unique sense of style, which she is proud to share with the world.

With this in mind, we offer a collection that works to enhance a woman’s self-image, strengthen her self-belief and facilitate a journey to unlocking her unique magic that lies within. Once this has been achieved, our pieces showcase each woman’s extra-ordinary character with colors, textures, and custom designs that represent her personal style.

To some, it might be called fashion - to us, it’s pure magic. 



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Sustainability of Life on the Earth.

We want our work to support the preservation of life in all forms so that future generations can have a legacy to inherit.

Empowerment and Self-Awareness.

We hope that by wearing our label, women can be encouraged to leverage their strength to attain their higher purpose.

Ethical Manufacturing.

We ensure that our sourcing methods and work processes are ethical, and we find ways to achieve fairness in trade and in our business relationships.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4

Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4