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Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Raven" 115 x 4



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Our Mission

Ravens are some of the smartest animals in this world. They live in small groups and ravens can frequently be seen together. Ravens create a bond which is comparable to a close friendship. If ravens come into your life then magic is as play. You will soon find that all that you have been wishing for comes true, one way or another. It's up to you if you want it to happen in this life or beyond.

With these beautiful raven silk scarf you will always feel connected with the raven community and magic will happen effortlessly! 

 Feared by many, this very intelligent animal is connected to our subconscious and the magical. These creatures symbolize introspection, healing, creation and rebirth. They are divine creatures and if a raven is your spirit animal, you have an amazingly smart and wise companion. Do not fear these wonderful animals! Rebirth is coming and you will shine.

 Laila Regalado is the name that embodies my love for exotic culture, healing and magic. For centuries, people have believed legends about the mystical powers of ravens. These creatures carry messages to us from our subconscious throughout our day. They are messengers between worlds - those seen and unseen. 

One of raven's most unusual abilities is it can calculate distances and locate objects in space by rotating its head 270 degrees on each side. So with these silk scarves you have an extra smart partner when travelling n foreign cities!
You may be asking yourself...have I met my spirit animal? Could this be your energy?
Embrace them and use their natural intelligence as a guide through time.
Our Mission

Silk Scarves with a Purpose

Yes, a silk scarf is a beautiful accessory. It feels soft, is colorful and can be worn all year round.

But what if wearing a silk scarf could actually improve the life conditions of those who were not so fortunate?

Improve the life of endangered animals. The life of animals who had been abused and neglected. And improve the life of girls who are not treated with the respect they deserve. The female rights have not arrived everywhere in the world and the Laila Regalado Brand wants to help change that.

Standing for female empowerment and sourcing from the energy of the divine feminine - an energy that is nurturing and compassionate - 100 % of the profit of some of our products will be donated to organizations dedicated to those important topics.

We want to create awareness and give back some of those gifts we enjoy in life. For a bright future and a meaningful life.

Sustainability of Life on the Earth.

We want our work to support the preservation of life in all forms so that future generations can have a legacy to inherit.

Empowerment and Self-Awareness.

We hope that by wearing our label, women can be encouraged to leverage their strength to attain their higher purpose.

Ethical Manufacturing.

We ensure that our sourcing methods and work processes are ethical, and we find ways to achieve fairness in trade and in our business relationships.

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Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Raven" 115 x 4

Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Raven" 115 x 4