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Silk Scarf "Formentera Bus" 115x16

Silk Scarf

Experience Luxury and Style with this Summery Silk Scarf.

As the sun shines high, let the lightweight silk drape around you, reflecting the brilliance of summer hues. Let the warmth of the day weave stories with the mesmerising motifs of your scarf. Every design is a tale of fashion waiting to unfold.

Our Mission

Are you looking for new fashion accessories for ladies?

The Formentera Fashion Silk Head Scarf is the perfect hair accessory to keep you feeling light and inspired. It’s made of 100% silk, so it feels luxurious against your skin. And it’s soft enough that you can fold it up and put it in your purse or bag without worrying about wrinkles. Plus, this hair silk scarf comes with a beautiful gift box that makes it easy to give as a gift – whether for yourself or someone else! 

You deserve to feel light and inspired every day of your life – even when things get tough. With Formentera Silk Scarf by your side, you can always find ways to make yourself happy again! So go ahead and buy one today on our website! We promise we won’t tell anyone if they catch you smiling while wearing this gorgeous hair bandana scarf around town.

Formentera is the perfect place for the free-spirited, wild ones and fashionistas. This calm place is just a boat drive from Ibiza and has beautiful turquoise beaches and amazing restaurants. One of these restaurants inspired the "Formentera Bus" Scarf Design of this hair wrap scarf. 

Inspired by Ibiza & Formentera's Island sparkling turquoise waters and soft pink sands, the lightness of heartfelt while enjoying this beautiful landscape is reflected in the weightless silk fabric. We sourced our luxurious silks from the fashion capital of Italy, and are proud to say that 100% of our fashion scarves range is responsibly made. Renowned for their quality craftsmanship, it seemed a perfectly natural choice to have our luxury silk scarves produced in Italy. After all, premium quality, thoughtful design and unrivaled luxury are what our silk scarves for women are all about.

The perfect travel accessory, these luxury women’s silk scarves are an effortless way to ensure a chic look on the beach, boat, or strolling through winding streets while exploring at sundown.  

Our Mission

The Laila Regalado brand believes in the power of the way we dress and the way in which we present ourselves to the world. By feeling confident in our outward appearance, our perspectives change and wonderful things begin to happen.

We design hair accessories that make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin, equipping them with the strength and self-belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. We believe that power lies within each and every woman, and we all have the potential to unlock our own unique magic within.

Our Mission

Playful. Feminine. Silk Scarves

Laila Regalado presents an elegantly playful collection of sustainable silk scarves, designed with the ambitiously driven, unapologetically feminine woman in mind. Rooted in a rich cultural and spiritual history with a boldly contemporary, modern aesthetic, the collection is the epitome of where old meets new, producing a distinctively magical essence.

We believe that the way we dress holds power, and how we present ourselves to the world says much about our individual tastes and preferences. Feeling confident with our appearance has the potential to mold our perspective, and with this mindset transformation comes a host of wonderful experiences that we refer to as ‘life’.

The Laila Regalado collection is designed to help women feel magnificent in their very own skin, allowing their inner radiance to shine through their fashion choices. Instead of being led by industry standards, the Laila Regalado Woman actively constructs her own style, making conscious decisions about the pieces she chooses to invest in. She values the customs, styles, and cuisines of every location she visits, creating her unique sense of style, which she is proud to share with the world.

With this in mind, we offer a collection that works to enhance a woman’s self-image, strengthen her self-belief and facilitate a journey to unlocking her unique magic that lies within. Once this has been achieved, our pieces showcase each woman’s extra-ordinary character with colors, textures, and custom designs that represent her personal style.

To some, it might be called fashion - to us, it’s pure magic. 


Sustainability of Life on the Earth.

We want our work to support the preservation of life in all forms so that future generations can have a legacy to inherit.

Empowerment and Self-Awareness.

We hope that by wearing our label, women can be encouraged to leverage their strength to attain their higher purpose.

Ethical Manufacturing.

We ensure that our sourcing methods and work processes are ethical, and we find ways to achieve fairness in trade and in our business relationships.

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Silk Scarf "Formentera Bus" 115x16

Silk Scarf "Formentera Bus" 115x16