About Me

Inspiration on the Regalado Journey


The Regalado Journey is an inspirational tale of travel, wanderlust, and adventure. Laila, the founder of the iconic brand, drew inspiration from her love of fashion, travel, and diverse global cultures. She built the brand with the deep sense of purpose of empowering women to feel the same sense of freedom and adventure that sparked her journey.

Laila's passion for new cultures and different ways of life is evident in her collection. Her worldwide travels have inspired her to create design-led, meaningful pieces for empowered women. The brand believes in the power of dressing and presenting oneself to the world. By feeling confident, wonderful things can happen, and the brand aims to equip women with strength and self-belief to achieve anything they set their minds to.

As an empowering brand, Laila Regalado is committed to embracing women's pure and powerful character. The brand is also dedicated to giving back to society, with a focus on improving the lives of endangered and abused animals, as well as girls who are not treated with the respect they deserve. The brand stands for female empowerment and sources energy from the divine feminine to create awareness around important topics and give back to those in need.

Laila Regalado's vision is to help women rediscover happiness and themselves through timeless, elegant designs. The brand aims to spread awareness around important topics and bring beauty into the world. The collection is crafted to perfection with exclusive designs that speak to individuality and a unique sense of style. With Project Seva, a selfless service initiative, the brand will be donating profits from to deserving charities, making a tangible impact on society.