Inspiration on the Regalado Journey


the inspiration that has sparked on the silk scarf journey

 Inspiration on the Regalado Journey

Inspired by travel, wanderlust, and adventure, our founder, Laila’s, love of fashion, travel, and diverse global cultures were the foundation upon which she built the iconic brand. Speaking on her deep sense of purpose, she notes, "I created Laila Regalado to let women feel the sense of freedom and adventure that sparked my journey."

Laila is passionate about opening herself to new cultures and different ways of life, from the sacred spiritual experiences she has encountered while living in Ibiza to the sense of whimsy and spontaneity that the mountainous landscapes of Switzerland inspire. Living with wanderlust and adventure at the forefront of her life, her collection is the result of her worldwide travels; inspired by a life guided by freedom and unbridled creativity. 

After founding and managing l’Agency, a modeling agency based in Frankfurt, she found herself searching for a more spiritual, holistic lifestyle. She felt called to create something genuinely one-of-a-kind for like-minded women. With a vision of producing design-led, meaningful pieces for empowered women, the Laila Regalado brand was born.

What we believe in

The Laila Regalado brand believes in the power of the way we dress and the way in which we present ourselves to the world. By feeling confident, our perspectives change and wonderful things begin to happen. We design accessories that speak to the heart; we want women to feel confident in their own skin, equipping them with the strength and self-belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Power lies within each and every woman, and we all have the potential to unlock our own unique magic within. We endeavour to bring colour, life and love to the lives of strong, feminine and inspiring women. To some, it might only be Silk Scarves - to us, it’s magic.

Our Mission

As an empowering brand, we are here to embrace women’s pure and powerful character. We also want to give back some of the gifts that life has granted us: What if wearing a silk scarf could actually improve the life conditions of those who were not so fortunate?

  • We want to help improve the life of endangered animals.
  • We want to help improve The life of animals who had been abused and neglected.
  • We want to help improve the life conditions of girls who are not treated with the respect they deserve!
Female rights have not arrived everywhere in the world and the Laila Regalado Brand wants to help change that.

Standing for female empowerment and sourcing from the energy of the divine feminine -an energy that is nurturing and compassionate- 100 % of the profit of our Products:

The Wolf


Moon Goddess

will be donated to organizations dedicated to those important topics.

We want to create awareness and give back some of those gifts we enjoy in life. For a bright future and a meaningful life.


Our Vision

  • To help women rediscover happiness and themselves through timeless, elegant designs.
  • To spread awareness around important topics and give back to those, who need it.
  • To bring beauty into this world and inspire women to live a meaningful and purpose driven life.

We envision our collection taking women on a wondrous journey, embracing femininity and boosting spirituality. We see our collection bringing joy to women who appreciate graceful, elegant fabrics that are crafted to perfection with exclusive designs that speak to their individuality and unique sense of style. We look forward to making a tangible impact with our selfless service initiative, Project Seva, where we will be donating profits from each purchase to deserving charities around the globe.The fierce part of feminine energy designed in a scarf