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Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4



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Notre mission

Spirit Animal: Wolf Scarf (115 x 4)

A shamanic belief is that spirit animals guide us through our path of life. The Wolf is associated with a deep connections of intuition and instincts, a love for freedom and a sharp intelligence. Wolves are incredibly intelligent and adaptable creatures and have followed us humans for more than 15.000 years!

Wolves are truly magical creatures:

Their social structure is very similar to us humans. Wolves are living in a monogamous relationship, having an alpha male and alpha female. 

When in nature, the "lonely wolf" will be searching for a partner to bond with, and these bonds last for long times, sometimes even a lifetime. Wolves protect and feed their offspring as a pack, since Teamwork makes the dream work. When having reached adolescence, many of the wolves will leave their family, searching for a partner to create a family of their own.

The hierarchy that is often heard of when talking about wolves serves an important purpose for them, giving them order in their lives: The alpha male eats first, while the alpha female is having his back, making sure none of the other wolves is trying to cut the line. The same repeats for the alpha female. The Beta male, having a very important role himself, too, is making sure that no other wolf will disturb the peace of the alpha female eating.

The alpha male and female are the only allowed to create offspring, while all the pack helps raising the baby-wolves. 

An interesting reproductive strategy that is quite different to the "typical" reproduction in animal kingdom:

While some animals reproductive strategy consists of creating much offspring, of which some will hopefully survive, other animals will give birth to only one baby and caring for it so it has the best survival chances.

The wolves purpose is to grant the survival of the "genetic material" as a pack: The alphas are giving birth and the pack is helping in educating, feeding and raising those babies. Wolves work together as a team!

They are a family; hunting together, eating together and in order, raising off-spring together. They even have cuddle time -lots of it.

Now, are these not truly magical animals?

Express the connection to this beautiful animal by wearing this silk scarf around your neck, your wrist or as a headband.


Our Mission

Let Laila Regalado Accessoires be your constant reminder of your divine feminine and empowering source. Start working with your Spirit Animals and let them encourage you to be living your best live ever.  Power lies within each and every woman, and we all have the potential to unlock our own unique magic within.

 We endeavour to bring colour, life and love to the lives of strong, feminine and inspiring women. To some, it might only be fashion - to us, it’s magic.


The Wolf - my own personal project

As a Dog lover, the wolf is one of the most fascinating animals for me. They have a rich, very expressive language that I admire. I could watch Wolf Videos all day long.

Unfortunately, those animals are often not being welcomed, since being seen as dangerous. Hardly are there ever wolves attacking humans -in fact, wolves avoid humans. 

I am donating part of my income to Foundations that are ensuring the protection of these magical animals. And, for this very Silk Scarf, I will be donating 100 % of the profits to:

- Nabu Germany

- Defenders of Wildlife


Notre mission

Foulards en soie avec un but

Oui, un foulard en soie est un bel accessoire. Il est doux, coloré et peut être porté toute l'année.

Mais et si porter un foulard en soie pouvait réellement améliorer les conditions de vie de ceux qui n'avaient pas cette chance ?

Améliorer la vie des animaux en voie de disparition. La vie d'animaux qui avaient été maltraités et négligés. Et améliorer la vie des filles qui ne sont pas traitées avec le respect qu'elles méritent. Les droits des femmes ne sont pas arrivés partout dans le monde et la marque Laila Regalado veut aider à changer cela.

Représentation de l'autonomisation des femmes et de l'approvisionnement de l'énergie du féminin divin - une énergie nourrissante et compatissante - 100 % des bénéfices de certains de nos produits seront reversés à des organisations dédiées à ces sujets importants.

Nous voulons créer une prise de conscience et redonner certains de ces cadeaux que nous apprécions dans la vie. Pour un avenir radieux et une vie pleine de sens.


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Sostenibilidad de la vida en la Tierra.

Queremos que nuestro trabajo apoye la preservación de la vida en todas sus formas para que las generaciones futuras puedan tener un legado que heredar.

Empoderamiento y autoconciencia.

Esperamos que al usar nuestra etiqueta, se pueda alentar a las mujeres a aprovechar su fuerza para lograr su propósito superior.

Eticidad .

Nos aseguramos de que nuestros métodos de abastecimiento y procesos de trabajo sean éticos, y encontramos formas de lograr la equidad en el comercio y en nuestras relaciones comerciales.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review
Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4

Silk Scarf "Spirit Animal: Wolf" 115 x 4