Sustainable Fashion

As the world is facing one of its biggest challenges, pollution, the fashion industry has been on target as one of the biggest polluters. With so much waste and chemicals released back into the environment that endangers the sea life, nature, and the people too, the call for action requires taking another approach. And this approach is called sustainable fashion. 

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is not new. In fact, it has been present for a very long time, but now it has come up on the radar as a solution to fast fashion. It is an approach that mainly and most dominantly, focuses on reducing the environmental impact, in areas of fashion where there is a possibility to do so. The goal of sustainable fashion is to establish a system that works without leaving a negative footprint on the environment. This means that sustainable fashion is environmentally friendly.

What makes it different from the regular fashion?

Regular fashion uses lots of chemicals and ingredients which are released back into the environment (through washing and industrial waste), cause danger to the health of the people, animal life, and pollute the environment. Sustainable fashion uses only natural-derived ingredients.

Why does sustainable fashion matter and why do you need to switch to it?

Sustainable fashion has become and grown into common and much-needed practice. Each day, more and more fashion brands are switching towards a more sustainable approach, so that they can contribute to preserving nature and the environment as much as possible. These are the greatest benefits from switching to sustainable production and buying:

  • It saves natural resources;
  • It reduces the carbon footprint;
  • It saves the animals and the sea life;
  • It needs less water;
  • It supports fair and safe working conditions and fair wages for the employees in the manufacturing plants;
  • It is a much healthier option for both people and the planet;
  • It stands against child labor;
  • It means buying and producing locally, supporting the local economy, which means preserving the nature of the CO2 emissions that come from the long transportation periods, especially from China. 

To contribute to preserving the world and nature, Laila Regalado is participating in the sustainable fashion movement, offering the best and most luxurious sustainable products for all contemporary and modern women with high fashion and environmental awareness. 

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