Laila Regalado Seidenschal über feminine Archetypen und das Archetypenmodell
Laila Regalado Silk Scarves on feminine archetypes and how to integrate archetypes into daily life. Feminine Seidentücher


"The essence of the feminine is connectedness: connected to God, to oneself, and to others. She is receptive, open; she receives energy and gives it out again."

 - Jean Shinoda Bolen -


 How do you connect with goddess-like traits in yourself? In this article you'll get a feminine makeover and learn how to work with feminine archetypes.


There are feminine and masculine energies within us all, and when balanced, we have a feminine flow to the energy of our lives. The feminine is about being fluid and flexible; it's an amazing power that makes life so magical. So feminine! I think it is one of the reasons why many of us feel drawn to spirituality, because feminine energy is deeply connected to spirituality.

 In ancient cultures there were female roles that represented honor, sacrifice, courage, gracefulness, caring for others above self, wisdom and integrity. These women were honored as goddess-like beings who embodied feminine energy in their personalities and their actions.

Although these qualities may seem feminine, they are not feminine traits. Feminine traits are linked to how we use feminine energy as opposed to what feminine energy is within us. For instance, feminine archetypes like the mother and the crone have feminine energy but aren't feminine in personality.

There are different feminine archetypes, and each has different qualities that operate differently from person-to-person or situation-to-situation. Each of these archetypes can guide your life if you learn how to use their unique spiritual energies - it's a beautiful feminine makeover!

 The Maiden (Virgin)

 "Beauty lies behind every corner...all you have to do is turn your head." - The Virgin Archetype

 The maiden is feminine energy in its purest form, and is the feminine archetype you are born with. It's the part of you that knows what it means to be feminine: intuition, purity, receptivity, creativity and balance. The virgin archetype is linked to your heart chakra which directs feminine energy towards compassion and love.

 Young girls represent this feminine quality as they have a wide-eyed outlook on life that is filled with hope for all its possibilities. We all start out life as little maidens; we can learn how this feminine energy operates best by exploring our own virgin qualities - it will help us access the maiden within ourselves!

The Mother

 "And I realised then how blessed are those protected from children until theyhave found their own centre in God, for the tempest of a child can uproot and destroy a man." - The Mother Archetype

The feminine energy of the mother is all about nurturing, care-taking and being protective. She looks at life through her children's eyes and treats them with loving kindness. Mother archetypes are normally associated with pregnancy, birthing and nursing; but these feminine traits extend to communities as well. Mothers look after their communities and create groups that allow for connections. Communities have feminine energy - they are feminine!

Mothers embody feminine energy that is the polar opposite of the father archetype (we'll talk about him later). A mother archetype is yielding, caring, nurturing, supportive - she has feminine attributes. Women are feminine women by nature; they've just been conditioned to believe otherwise. You can reclaim feminine energy within yourself by exploring feminine qualities like these that you already have access to. It's a feminine makeover!



The Crone

 "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." - The Crone Archetype

 A crone is a woman who is beyond menarche and menopause, and her feminine energy comes from the wisdom gained through life experience - this archetype is very powerful indeed! Being intuitive and having psychic gifts, a crone has experienced many ups and downs throughout her life which allows her to be patient with others' learning curves aswell. She is a natural nurturer and is skilled in the art of medicine and healing, having learned about the body through years of observation.

 The crone feminine energy is associated with the Earth Mother Goddess. Like crone energy, this archetype represents feminine wisdom that has been cultivated over decades or even centuries. The Crone Archetype embodies feminine mantra: "Life begins at 40." Physically she may show age and signs of aging as part of her beauty; spiritually she embodies feminine maturity beyond her years.


 The Amazon

 "I'll tell you one thing... If I was single I would NEVER date an Amazon girl... Too much work!" - A Man on Reddit 

An Amazon is a woman who possesses feminine feminine energy that is powerful and feminine. She has a feminine physicality and can be found in sports that require strength, speed and agility - she is fast! She's feminine bravery which then brings forth feminine power . Amazons know how to harness their feminine power for the betterment of themselves aswell as those around them.

Amazon truly embodies feminine energy; it's a part of who they are. We didn't need me to tell you that. Most women have traditionally been raised in environments where masculine characteristics were emphasized over feminine ones so most people have lost access to understanding what this archetype means -- I'm here to change all of that now.


 The Seductress

"Once you go black, you never go back." - A Man on Reddit

 Seductress feminine energy is a feminine archetype commonly associated with the feminine principle of Shakti. Seductresses have feminine power that they use to draw people in and charm them; their feminine seduction draws people near because she has feminine power to offer! She uses her femininity and allure to influence others for feminine empowerment. The feminine empowerment that goes beyond physical beauty -- but it's only part of the package! If she was just gorgeous, her feminine energy wouldn't be as sexy.

The most seductive women we know are not necessarily classically beautiful and their looks don't even matter... It's simply feminine, VERY feminine energy. You can find this feminine energy in the woman who gets what she wants without ever needing to ask for it; the one who was told "no" many times before but still has  power which gives her feminine confidence, poise and charisma.

 Seduction is not a bad thing, it's just another way to rise up above your feminine struggles - this archetype can get you through these difficult times! Seductresses are especially powerful when they use their femininity as leverage -- think of what you want from your life and work towards it with this sexy archetype by your side.


The Helper

"A man is the sum of his actions, of what he has done , of what he can do, nothing more and nothing less." - Jean-Paul Sartre

  Helper energy is feminine because it's connected to the feminine principle. This feminine archetype uses feminine powers to support others in any way she can -- this could mean a variety of things such as... Maintaining feminine power by refusing to be disempowered or intimidated; having feminine compassion for those who are suffering or those who you perceive as needing "saving;" offering her own selflessness so that others may feel loved; utilizing her femininity and charm to draw people into wanting to help them achieve their goals.


Gender roles play a huge part in how we define our actions as being either masculine or feminine but when someone needs feminine energy,  help and  support; you should not be afraid to offer your assistance.

 Don't underestimate how much feminine help can mean to another person. You don't have to be a mother or wife in order to embody this archetype -- just understand that we all need help sometimes and if you are the chosen one who offers her help in this moment, it could make their whole life!

"A real woman is not defined by whether she is married or single , young or old, pretty or wealthy. A real woman is anyone who carries a female soul." - Nia Vardalos


The Femme Fatale

 "Feminine intuition about people involves feminine energy; it's a feminine energy." - Hans Christian Andersen


 Femme Fatale archetype uses the feminine principle to give her feminine strength for power. A Femme Fatale is not just in your fantasies -- she's real! These women are strong and cunning because they have femininity, but not all Femme Fatales are supermodels that use their looks to be sexy or the woman with big breasts who turns heads everywhere she goes.


The female detective who can figure out any crimes you got going on, even though everyone else around her is missing clues... The one whose feminine intuition keeps her from danger and always seems to know when someone is up to no good! The femme fatale draws feminine energy from awareness.

 If you're a Femme Fatale , you know how to use your  feminine powers for good.


The Siren

The siren can use feminine  power to enchant anyone... Just by being around them! A Siren's feminine power comes from her ability to draw in other people using their femininity or sex appeal.

 Anyone who has ever lost themselves completely in a fantasy world while playing video games or reading books have experienced the same kind of focus that the Sirens of Feminine Energy exhibit when seducing someone -- and they know how to get what they want! You don't have to be gorgeous to become a siren; it's all about feminine power.

The Enchantress

"I've always thought when you're beautiful, handsome and sexy, it's  about your eyes." - Alicia Keys

The enchantress is a very powerful feminine archetype because she has the ability to mesmerize anyone who enters her world and use her femininity to bring them into submission. She may not have the most perfect face or body in the world but this doesn't matter because her femininity is still so appealing!

Her charm can be irresistible -- it makes other women want to emulate her beauty. These sirens of femininity can give suggestions in such a way that people will do what they suggest before even thinking about whether they should do it.

 They can use  feminine power to cast a spell (sometimes even literally!) that people follow blindly. Ask any guy who has ever fallen incredibly in love with a girl... It's feminine energy at work! 

The Feminine Powerhouse

"Truth is feminine." - Confucius

 You might not think of anything you are doing as feminine -- but, just like I said above, if you're using your skills and traits and feminine powers for good , then this is feminine energy. Thanks to the females who fought for their rights so we have equal opportunity today, anyone can be seen as powerful as long as they are strong in what they believe in. Feminine power can be used for good in the world!

Whether or not you think of yourself as feminine; feminine energy is all around us. Why? Because femininity and its powers are part of our DNA. So get proud of being feminine -- you're using your feminine power-traits every day!


A Few Final Words...

If there's anything I could say to sum up this article, it would definitely be "Embrace your femininity!". Even if you don't believe that you are not living your feminine qualities yet, keep practicing - because even just working on loving your own femininity will help you become more feminine! And therefore; more strong, balanced, confident and happy.

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