Introducing Goddess Kali. The Hindu Goddess

Introduction of the Hindu Goddess Kali

What is a Goddess?

A Goddess is a female deity that is linked with certain virtues, such as prosperity, health, fertility and/or magic.
Praying to a Goddess that represents the virtues we are seeking for will help us manifest our desired outcome towards a destination.
There has been so much research done on the power of prayer and meditation, and we can benefit from this ancient practice in many ways. If you believe in Goddesses and the super natural, you will have a very real experience and experience deep healing from this practice.
If you do not believe in Goddesses and there power, I invite you to try it anyways, have an open mind and think of this practice as a manifestation practice.
Because this is, what it is;
Pure manifestation!
Let us have a closer look at the transformative and sometimes misunderstood Goddess Kali.

Who is Kali?

Kali is a Hindu Goddess that is portrayed with blue skin, her tongue sticking out while she is wearing a necklace of beheaded men. She has a sword in one hand and a defeated mans head in the other, while stepping on her consort Shiva (Read more about Shiva here. ).
She is often portrayed with black or blue skin and, as many Hindu deitites, she has more than 2 arms; sometimes she is being showed with 4, sometimes 6, and possibly you might even find her with 12 arms.
Kali is Sanskrit and means "She who is black" or "she who is death".
You can read more about the origin and history of Kali here.
The portrayal of Kali is scary at first. And  her life force can be destructive. Kali is the Goddess of creation and distraction, of time, death, doomsday and power.
Kali is a destroyer. She destroys evil forces and is the most powerful manifestation of Shakti (a cosmic energy representing dynamic feminine forces. You can read more here.

The destroyer of evil forces

There are several stories of how Kali first came into existence and I want to share with you my favorite story;
The story of the terrible demon "Raktabija" (Blood-seed).
In this story, the demon Raktabija terrorizes humans and kills them.
Every time he spills a drop of his own blood, more demons came into existence.
The Hindu Gods decide working together and create a super-deity. Kali is born!
Kali attacks Raktabija and his demon troop and drinks all of their blood, making sure no blood will reach the ground. She becomes furious and vicious of the evil forces surrounding her and destroys all of them.
Kali is in rage, she dances and only Shiva can calm her; He throws himself on the ground and Kali will step on him. This makes Kali realize the rage she has within herself and she eventually calms down.
Kali is a powerful Goddess and there is no doubt she transform any unrighteousness.
And besides that, she is often described as a loving mother and protecter. When seen as the nurturing motherfigure, it is often referred to her as Kali Ma, meaning Kali Mother.
Find more information on the fascination of Kali and her origin here.

How can one benefit from praying to such a furious Goddess?

Whenever we are stuck in an uncomfortable situation, or our life seems falling apart and there is nothing, we feel, we could do about it, Kali will offer unapologetic transformation. She is a Goddess of re-creation and she will make sure that the challenges we are facing will lead us to growth. She will make sure we are strong and powerful, being able to actively create our lives.
If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you feel you have no control about it, I recommend to you reading about this powerful and fierce Goddess. She might help you regain power and perspective.

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