A guest post from female empowerment coach for Laila Regalado Accessory Brand with a vision.

Frauen und der Weg zur Erfüllung. Female Empowerment von Rana Hetzel. Ein Gastbeitrag für Laila Regalado Seidenschal


You wonderful woman, it is so nice that you are here reading these lines. These should warm your heart, make your zest for life dance and remind you of how powerful and great you are. And I can assure you of one thing, it is no coincidence that you are here reading these lines. Because there are no coincidences in life. Everything in life has its order and its time. Perhaps these lines will make you fly, but perhaps they will only make sense for you at the appropriate time - when you are ready to go: for you, your dreams and longings.

Sometimes the beautiful is so tangible and at the same time so inaccessible, because it is fear that separates us from it. It is fear that whispers falsehoods to you.

It is the fear from the voices of the people who doubted you, who hurt you and who gave you the wrong self-image. You believed them. You put your trust in fear and pain because you didn't know any better.

But when I tell you that you are bigger, stronger and braver than you think.

What if I tell you that you are the creator of your life and that other people’s opinion is bullshit?

What then?

Would you believe me?

It is said that faith can move mountains and as it is called, it is. A belief can be so big, powerful and strong that it flies you to the stars.

Faith is so strong that it also throws you into the shadow of your fear if you give it the wrong view. You can imagine it that way. Faith comes from just a single thought. A thought that we conclude - about ourselves, other people, our feelings or past experiences. However, this thought is so full of energy that it can influence your decisions, your view of the world and your self-image, because you evaluate this thought as true and thus give it strength.

It is therefore important to strengthen your faith with love and strengthening thoughts, because the self-doubting thoughts will alienate you: from you and the life that you are entitled to in ease, joy and fulfillment.

So, if you don't believe me, just start believing in yourself. As a little girl you probably hardly doubted yourself and the correctness of your dreams until the others did. But it wasn't that they didn't believe in you. At that moment, your self-image and how you see the world spoke to you. You simply agreed with them and accepted your point of view as yours because you didn't know any better. But now you can doubt the doubters and believe in yourself and your dreams.

You have the right to believe that your life can be full of ease and fulfillment.

You have the right to believe that you can give space to your needs and desires, because you have the right to be happy.

It is your right to want the best for you, to reach for the stars, hug the wind, kiss the sun and live a life according to your ideas - to define femininity for you and bring sensuality into the world.


How do you get there?

By coming to rest, listening to your heart and trying every day to approach your definition of fulfillment a little bit. We have all forgotten how to strive for the beautiful, the strong and the great, so that we can no longer remember that we are the beautiful, the strong and the great. But your heart knows Connect with your heart. It may not work overnight, but with patience and faith:

Spend time with yourself, organize your thoughts (through meditation) and keep doing things that give you pleasure. This is the safest way to get to your heart.

When you have arrived, listen carefully, because your heart remembers and wishes for you to be fulfilled.

Fulfillment is so much more than a word or just a temporary trend in this fast-paced world. Fulfillment is a magical state of love, faith and arrival. We just made it go away. It is all the more important that we talk about it and exemplify this type of lifestyle.

Fulfillment is like arriving home.

It is the state when your laughter sings with joy and you dance with life.

Then you are fulfilled, because you have started to listen to yourself again and to give a stage to your needs and your courage. And you are brave because you are reading these lines:

You allow cracks in your doubts and hope for your self-love.

Take yourself and your wishes seriously, because you have only been given this one life. So why waste it on the expectations of others and on the fear of things that probably won't happen in this form anyway? Rather, grab your courage and walk a bit

Female Empowerment for Laila Regalado silk scarves. A guest post by Coach Rana Hetzel


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