Debunking Common Silk Myths

Debunking Common Myths About Silk

We’ve all heard the common silk myths time and again.
Avoid silk since it’s a hassle to take care of…
Silk becomes uncomfortable in the cold…
In reality, silk is one of the best fabrics for your clothing and accessories. Period.
Having said that, let us know debunk the common myths:

Myth #1: Silk Is Harmful to Environment

Silk has one of the cleanest production processes in the textile industry.
Mulberry trees, the food for silkworms, are organic and require no insecticides or fertilizers. Farmers can harvest them without inducing any toxic fumes in the environment.

Myth #2: Silk Is Slippery

Most people mistake mulberry silk for satin polyester, which is indeed slippery.
While pure silk is soft, it is not a wet fabric, and it will not slip off.
Try out silk scarves or dressing gowns; you'll find that it sits perfectly!

Myth #3: Silk Can Stick to Skin

Pure silk fabric has strong protein fibers, making it soft and flowy.
The smooth fabric can also absorb plenty of moisture before the fabric starts to feel wet. Hence, this moisture-retention ability prevents silk accessories from clinging to your skin. Moreover, this helps silk act as a temperature regulator.
Wear your silk head scarf or dresses, and you'll never feel too hot or cold in them.

Myth #4: Silk Is Not Durable

Even though silk is lightweight and soft, it's still one of the strongest fabrics out there.
The tight fibers give silk an intact structure that feels soft on your skin. With proper care, you can expect your designer silk scarves to last for a reasonable time.

Myth #5: Silk Can Shrink

Has it ever happened that your bed linens shrink and don't cover the entire bed like before?  
Well, it can happen with any fabric, if you don’t take care of it right.
If you maintain your silk accessories as per the instructions, they will remain in perfect shape like always and would never shrink.
Pro tip: don't leave them pre-soaked for more than five minutes because the fibers can tighten, causing fabric shrinkage.

Myth #6: Silk Can Only Be Handwashed

How to wash and maintain silk is one of the most common confusions for people out there.
You can definitely handwash them. But that's not all. You can even wash silk accessories in washing machines or use air dryers.
All of them work perfectly for your silk fabric.
However, take care of these factors before washing them in machines:
Don't use bleach.
Use a mild detergent.
Use a fabric softener.
You can wash them in hot water, but the sudden temperature change is what kills your fabric.
You may use mesh delicate bags to store them while washing.


So, now that we have cleared the most common myths about silk, are you ready to embrace this luxurious fabric and wear that pure silk scarf you always wanted to without any doubts?
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