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Let us be very straightforward here: You are awesome. And you know why? Because there is no one like you walking around in this world. No one has taken the steps that you took, grew up like you did, felt the joy and the pain you did. Without even knowing who you are, I know you have gone through something in life that was not easy. And look at you: You are standing tall.

Sometimes women find themselves in negative self talk, and it might be time to exchange the words you are choosing.


Positive Psychology

Positive psychology is relatively new in the picture. When affirmations, believe and manifestation had been more a topic of the esoteric-corners of bookstores in the past; now positive psychology discovers and proves all the benefits that come from being kind and positive towards ourselves.

Not only will we become more vital and energetic, but also more empathetic, more joyful and even our immune system will get that boost! It is not some spiritual practice that can not really be felt; Positive Self-Talk improves our body, our psyche and our spirits.

So why not give ourselves an overall boost this day, tomorrow and every day?

Tell yourself:

- I am awesome

- I can and I will (achieve anything)

- I am proud of myself

- I am beautiful

Those are powerful Affirmations to start the day with a positive and empowering mindset. Research has shown that way too often we speak to ourselves in a way that we would never speak to our friends, families or even strangers. But; why are we so harsh to ourselves?

The Negativity-Bias

The "negativity Bias" takes a toll on us. Humans are evolutionary trained to give more importance to the things that do not work out. And it served a purpose: In order to survive, humans had to be alert and avoid negative outcomes. Or at least learn from them. Our brain is wired to hold onto the bad. 

There is a big difference though in between realizing mistakes that had been done and beating oneself up about them. The first one is a learning experience. We all have flaws and when we realize them and give ourselves the chance to change them, we improve our lives.

Holding onto our flaws though, and not wanting to let them go, beating ourselves up about the past will not improve our lives. In fact, we will not even learn anything from that but become negative thinkers. 

The good news is: This cycle of negative self talk can be stopped! 

Meditation and Mindfulness is the cure. During meditation we learn to let go. We learn not to hold onto things. We start to grow as human beings.

Mindfulness is the act of being aware towards what is happening within ourselves. Are you talking bad to yourself right now? What are you saying? Is there another way you might think about the situation that is bothering you? Instead of "I can't do it" Could you say: "I will try"? Instead if "I am not smart enough for this" could you say: "I will learn everything about this topic, so I will become super smart"?


Last but not least: practice self-compassion! 

You would not speak down to your friends but uplift them, when they feel worthless. So, what would it be like, uplifting yourself, too? How would it make you feel, if you were your own best friend?

Practice it! Be kind to yourself, say uplifting things. Talk to yourself like you talk to your best friend. BE your best friend.


Focus on the positive. Realize your "flaws" and the mistakes you make, but learn to let go off them. Take the lessons learned from the mistakes you have done, and then: allow yourself to grow. Be your best buddy! Practice it daily. 

Let us be awesome and always remind ourselves: We are in this world to give love, not only to others, but even as much to ourselves.


Whoever you are, I love you.


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