Why Silk is Worth Your Money

From being a fabric adorned by royals in Ancient China to becoming a fashion statement in the modern world, silk has come a long way.

However, one of the things about the fabric that many still question about the fabric, and understandably so, is its high prices.

But let us tell you this, silk isn’t overpriced at all!        

High-quality silk is worth each and every penny.

Read along and see why that extra price of silk is definitely worth your money!

Natural Extraction from Silkworms

The number one reason why silk is worth the money is the immense hard work that goes into producing it! This effort starts right from the natural extraction process.

Silk is not like other fabrics. It's a protein and guess what? It comes from an insect – the silkworm.

Silkworms are very small insects, and it takes around 5,500 of them to make up one kg of pure silk. They feed on mulberry leaves for 45 days to reach the maturity process, after which they secrete a long filament and turn into a cocoon. Around 2500-3000 cocoons are required to produce one woven yard of fabric!

High Cost of Production

The real work starts after collecting cocoons, where the silk producers have to transform the cocoons into the pure silk fabric that you can wear.

Soon after collection, silk producers heat the cocoons to kill the pulp formation (the caterpillar). After heating, the cocoons go for weaving and cleansing, where each of them is joined to create a thick thread of cotton.

Moreover, as a natural fiber, silk contains many imperfections that have to be perfected. This and the costs of ensuring that the silk is according to industry standards lead to high overall production costs.

Luxurious History of Silk

Silk was first discovered in China around 8,500 years ago.

Very soon, it became a symbol of prestige, and only the upper class had access to silk scarves, beddings, and head pillows. It was even offered as gifts to emperors.

Silk was even used as a currency in the Ancient Tang Dynasty, where a single silk bolt was worth 600 coins!

The prestige and luxury make silk totally worth your money.

Array of Natural Benefits

Let's not forget about the numerous benefits of silk for your hair and skin.

Since silk is a natural protein, it has the essential elements and structure that retains the moisture in your hair. Moreover, the smooth and long surface reduces irritation in your skin, preventing any possible allergic reactions.

Also, the smooth-like surface of silk reduces wrinkles, which are signs of aging. Hence, if you use a silk hair scarf for sleeping purposes, you'll always wake up with glowing skin.


Although silk can be heavy on your pocket, the facts and benefits listed above make silk a worthwhile option.

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