What is spirituality?

Spirituality. A spiritual lifestyle. Those words sound soothing and healing. And they will be, just maybe not from the very beginning.

But what exactly does it mean? How can one define „Spirituality“? 

And how could you find out if you are living a spiritual life…


Spirituality can be described as the belief in something greater than oneself. It is the sense that our lives are of greater significance than just being in this world as long as we might be, for the sole purpose of existing, sleeping, eating and working.

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Spiritual people believe that there is more to life, a greater purpose. For many spiritual people, living this life is only the beginning or a part of their journey. Spirituality can give our lives more depth and meaning.

The stages of a spiritual awakening

Oftentimes, the feeling of loneliness, disconnectedness and emptiness is the start of a so called „Spiritual Awakening“. In the search of deeper meaning we might find ourselves more sensitive, questioning our role in life and challenging our ego.

People oftentimes love to think about spirituality as this wonderful, meditative journey. At a more advanced stage of the awakening, we will find ourselves well balanced and harmonious. But, let us face the realtiy: The beginning starts with our shadows. It is far from peace and tranquility. This earlier mentioned feeling of emptiness, disconnectedness might be very present in the early stage of your awakening. 

The more you try to fight it, the more it will take control over your life. The one important thing is: Surrender. Learn to feel the things you feel without judging them. Instead, dive deeper into them. Dive deeper into your life. Work on your shadows.


What is shadow-work? As the name suggests, it is working with our shadow-self. What are the parts about me, that I do not like? Where might they have come from? Are they really what I believe about myself? Or did society/friends/family tell me those things about myself? Where do I see myself as a victim? What are my self-limiting beliefs? What do I actually belief and why do I believe those things?How do I talk about myself? What am I not accepting about myself? Why?

Be as honest as you can while answering those questions. A journal will be your greatest guidance on this journey. Do not judge yourself for your answers! Instead, be curious. Find out more about who you are, and even more important: Where it comes from. 

Self-limiting beliefs

Did you find out about your self-limiting beliefs? 

One very prominent self-limiting belief of mine had been "Someone else has done this already". Although, it is probably true; every angle and every viewpoint is different.

What are your self-limiting beliefs? Do you think, you are not experienced enough for a certain job position? Do you think you do not deserve a partner treating you well enough? 

Find out where you are limiting yourself. Understand where it comes from, and understand what the purpose of it is (yes, every limiting belief has a purpose. To protect us from a negative outcome, in many situations). 

When you found out about your self-limiting belief and its roots; conquer it! Always remember, that you have this one life, and what people regret more than failing, is to never even try. You can let go of it!

Read more about self-limiting beliefs here.


When you found out about the root of your self-limiting beliefs, it is time to reframe them. Instead of "Someone else has done this already" You might want to say: "No one has done it the way I did." 

Instead of feeling insecure because you are not experienced enough (or, so you call yourself), for a certain position: Tell yourself, you can learn anything you need to. You are confident. You are strong. You are smart. And you are bold!

Believe in yourself. 

There is this wonderful quote:

Whether you think you can, or you can't - you're right

Henry Ford

This pretty much sums up manifestation. It is the knowledge, that you can reach anything you want to. For this, you must believe you can. No half-ass trying, but having the faith in yourself.

Light work

Shadow work - what a dark word! But as the saying suggests; Sunshine after the rain. So after the shadow also comes the light.

The principles for light work are similar to those of shadow work, just from a shinier perspective! What do you love about yourself? What are you grateful for? What are your strengths? Acoomplishments? What is good about yourself? What do others like about you?

Think about those things. I mean, how magic is that? How absolutely amazing are you, please? ;-) Do not be humble: Celebrate yourself! Write it down.

Finding harmony 

Shadow work, light work, manifestation. Hmm, what is missing to be living a spiritual life? Oh yes, I know: Meditation!

Meditation is one of the most magical things, it changes your brain structure, puts you in the present moment, lets you control your feelings and accept what is. You can read more about meditation and its benefits here.

What helped me most in difficult times is active meditation: Really taking that space and time for myself, sit on a meditation pillow and be silent. Eyes closed, no distractions. Emptying my mind. 

For others, a walking meditation or a mindfulness exercise will do the trick. What is important is the principle of taking the time that is just for you. Being aware of the present moment. Always remember: The present moment is the only thing, that really counts.

The Awakening

When words like compassion, love and truth are finding us, we might very well be in the midst of a spiritual journey.

On those journeys, we may be seeking guidance of different forms and shapes. Some might be turning towards God and prayers, others might be seeking within nature, finding love in the ocean and the Forrests. Others might turn to the Old Priestesses, Fairies, Shamanic Animal Guidance, Nature Spirits, Celtic Goddesses, Buddha and many, many more.

The spiritual journey of an individual differs greatly and there is no universal truth on how to be living a spiritual life.

The one important thing is to surrender. Surrender, trust in the process and enjoy the ride towards enlightenment. It will not be an easy one at first, but it will be one that opens your eyes to a meaningful, rich and wonderful life.

Embrace the journey and express your vibe!

On my personal journey, Ibiza had been my sunny awakening. Inspired by Shamanic ceremonies and spirit animals, I have created Silk Scarves in mystical designs. My Silk Headbands are a constant reminder of a journey towards light, love and happiness.


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