Wearing Silk in Spring

Spring, the season of vibrant colors and blooming flowers, is just around the corner after the long melancholy winter.

What better way to start the season in style than by wearing silk—the lush, flowy, and oh-so-gorgeous fabric?

From statement-worthy wide-leg silk trousers to designer silk scarves, there are a plethora of ways you can incorporate silk into your wardrobe this spring.

Each style has its distinct flair and is creating waves both on and off the runway.

Looking for some inspiration to get silky this spring? Well, then keep reading to find out!

Spring Style Alert: Silk Scarves

Many women also wear silk scarves around their ponytails or the handles of their handbags and totes. We think this is a foolproof way to add some glam to your spring look without looking like you're overdressed.

We suggest pairing a nice, printed silk scarf with your basic white shirt with a pair of classic blue jeans.  

Try it out, and you will be amazed at how easily an elegant silk scarf can instantly spruce up a casual look while adding effortless charm to an otherwise somber outfit.

Slip Into Spring

Turning heads is a breeze when you opt to wear a slip satin maxi dress.

Besides, a simple and flowy silk dress is ideal for spring, whether you choose it for a casual day event or a wedding.                     

But how do you tone down a satin maxi dress to an everyday one?

Well, you can achieve this by layering a basic t-shirt underneath your maxi dress. This will make it more daytime appropriate while also keeping you comfortable.

However, if you want to add a touch of glam to your ensemble, a simple silk stole will do the trick and instantly oomph up your outfit.

So go ahead and stock up on some satin slip dresses as soon as possible!

Flaunt Your PJs

Have you ever wished you could stay in your pajamas all day?

Say no more!

Silk pants are similar to your favorite PJs; only they're more trendy, stylish, and suitable to wear in public.

Pair your silk trousers with a sleek puff-sleeved blouse, some nice heels, and striking accessories like a silk bandana to embrace your silk trousers without seeming like you didn’t get the time to get dressed in the morning.

A nice puff-sleeved blouse will contrast with your flowy trousers, while a statement-making silk bandana will let everyone know that your trousers are too chic to be nightwear.

With the addition of just a few fashionable accessories, you'll be ready to flaunt your silk pants throughout the spring season comfortably.

This Spring, Accessorize In Silky Style

Spring is approaching, and incorporating a new silhouette into your wardrobe could be a terrific way to kick off the season.

Be it in the form of silk trousers, silk dresses, or chic silk scarves, exquisite silk can elevate any of your looks.

Welcome spring in style. Explore Laila Regalado’s premium-quality and unique silk scarves!

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