Silk Scarves in the Era of the Sixties
silk scarves by Laila Regalado for sixties inspired outfitThe 1960's was known as one of the most liberated decades in history as women refused to follow strict fashion rules anymore. Some women stopped shaving their hair for example. People started feeling free and becoming more creative; hair styles became extreme, hair color turned into bright colors such as red hair - which was not something people did before! Make up also followed this new trend; dramatic cat eyes were painted using shadows instead of eyeliner pencils like it used to be in the previous decades.
Also hair accessories such as hair scarfs became popular in this decade! All of these hair and make-up ideas provided are inspired by women from the sixties. I hope you'll find some inspiration here!

The Hair

In the sixties, hair became a focal point. The most influential hair styles are the beehive, the pageboy and the bob cut. Of course there are more hair styles but they're just less popular than the ones mentioned above.
The beehive is perhaps one of the most iconic hairstyles of this era and is perfect for women with a round face. It creates a playful image and can be worn low on your forehead if you want to give it a more feminine touch.
The style was voluminous and off the face. A hair scarf is a must-have and keeps the hair in place. Get inspired by Twiggy, who was the ultimate icon of this era.
If you do not like hair too voluminous or would like to go out undetected (perhaps because you wear glasses), wear hair slightly off the face in an elegant chignon. But make sure that hair is long enough; otherwise hair will fall forward when dancing! And if hair falls forward, hair clips are essential! The best thing about hair accessoires is that they can easily be changed to suit your hair and hair color.
Slicked back hair: In the sixties, hair was very voluminous and women would create their hair styles using hair curler's and volume boosting products to have an extreme look! Slicking your hair back with gel is a wonderful way to give the face lots of well-deserved attention.

The Fashion in the Sixties

Classic colors such as black, white or red are still appropriate but bright colors such as pink ivory also come into play. Details such as feathers, sequins and flowers make you stand out from the crowd without being too showy. Do not forget that sunglasses complete your outfit - after all we want to look like movie stars now!

The nails:

Nail polish is also important to complete the fashion look of this era. Bright colors such as red or pink were high in demand.
A cute possibility to bring some of the swinging sixties onto your nails are patterns such as As polka dots. They give an innocent touch.
Going wild for the night? Animal prints celebrate femininity. Nail art (like snakeskin) offers a wide range of possibilities. They might not be exactly immitating the sixties style anymore, but infuse it with nowadays fashion.

The make-up:

Black Mascara and very, very long lashes are typical for this era.
The 1960's had fashion Icons Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn, to just name two of the most influential icon's when thinking about the swinging sixties. And what is characteristic about these two beautiful women?
It's their big, expressive Bambi-Eyes. Beautiful and round, big brown eyes. Super long lashes and a romantic, innocence expression in them. For this beautiful look, a liquid eyeliner applied on the upper lash-line and a dark shadow on the crease will do the trick.
Also a light eye-shadow or a light eyeshadow mixed with some white, put on the entire lid from the lash-line to the crease. On top of that, you can wear mascara and false lashes if you feel like it.
Twiggy also had a lot of emphasis on her lower lashes. On hot summer days, a waterproof mascara is probably a safe way to ensure the mascara on the lower lashes is not going to dissolve and turn you into a racoon while you are rocking a party.

Silk Scarves for Hair

One of the reasons why the sixties are one of the most inspirational eras for me is the Hair scarfs: To celebrate femininity, hair scarves became very popular during this time period. They can easily be changed to suit your style; simply chose a hair scarf that matches your hair color or hair style.
Hair Scarves are just such a travel-friendly and space saving possibility to change and upgrade any look. They can be worn so many ways and create so many different styles. From the cute Twiggy-Icon look to the sensual Bardot Style up to the relaxed Hippie on a Festival.
Never go on vacation without a silk scarves. Keep your hair out of your face on a windy day and upgrade your outfit effortlessly.
Get inspired by some of the most beautiful styles of this joyful and romantic era!
The sixties: One of the most beautiful eras for fashion! And what a wonderful time to be fashionable, to go out and dance to the rhythm of the swinging sixties with its versatile fashion trends.

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