How to style your silk scarf like a power woman

The silk scarf is a versatile and popular accessory with a long, elemental relationship with different cultures around the globe.


Many notable personalities, including monarchs, first ladies, and Hollywood headliners, have been spotted flaunting the fashionable silk scarves as a powerful symbol of femininity and elegance throughout history.


Here’s how the power women have donned silk scarves over the years...

Wear It As A Headscarf


A headscarf with large sunglasses became an essential trend in the 1960s, thanks to Grace Kelly, the film star who left Hollywood to become the Princess of Monaco. 


Several decades later, the trend still lives on and is popularly known as “the Kelly headscarf”.


Another icon of the 1960s, former American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, was also fond of the silk headscarf. She was spotted wearing a headscarf on a beach holiday and some other occasions too.


Perhaps the most lasting example of silk headscarves is illustrated by Queen Elizabeth II, who wrapped her head in colorful and elegant silks through the decades.

Tie It Around Neck


This is one of the classic looks that many actresses from the 50s and 60s tried to bank on, but Audrey Hepburn seemed to pull it off the best of all. From Roman Holiday to Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’ll often find a silk neck scarf on Audrey, accentuating her classic features.


Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is also a fan of wearing a scarf around her neck casually. This style is relatively easy to replicate using a ring, rubber band, or scarf buckle, this style is relatively easy to replicate.


While we’re talking about the tie-around-neck style, how can we forget Elizabeth Taylor? While Taylor is famous for her adoration of diamonds, the talented actress was also fond of wearing vintage silk scarves around her neck, revealing her lovely violet eyes.

Tie It Over Shoulder


While square scarves look great tied around the neck, large silk scarves are usually dressed over the shoulder. Not only does this style look very graceful, but it can also create the effect of elongating the body if tied skillfully.


Wearing the right colored scarf on the shoulders can add vitality and sophistication to your outfit, as Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, has shown us several times.

Wear It As A Top


Silk scarf as a top is the epitome of femininity, and it’s usually tied with a long or large square silk scarf. 


While this easy, breezy look was made famous by pop stars back in the 2000s, it was recently revived. Last year, celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Martha Hunt, and Maya Jama swapped their shirts for something silkier and skimpier, i.e., printed silk scarves folded and wrapped around their torsos in place of a top.



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