Silk Vs. Cotton: Which Is The Better Fabric?

Cotton and silk are two of the most popular choices of fabrics.

But which one is the best and should be the foremost choice?                 

Let’s uncover the properties of both fabrics to find the answer.

Impact On Skin

Cotton is light and soft – there’s no doubt about that. But it is rough on the skin and has high friction.

So, if you have sensitive skin, silk is the right choice of fabric for you.

After all, silk is softer, smoother, and more delicate than cotton. Plus, it retains the natural moisture of your skin, reducing wrinkles while making your face glow.

Isn’t that just what you want?

Resistance to Allergies

Cotton is intolerant to allergies and not hypoallergenic. Hence, if you’re someone who can pick allergies instantly, you must avoid cotton fabric.

On the other hand, silk is hypoallergenic, i.e., resistant to dust mites, molds, and fungus. This is why wearing silk scarves around the neck or face helps prevent any bacteria from crawling in your skin and causing infections. 

Furthermore, silk wicks away sweat rather than absorbing it. Hence, there’s no accumulation of bacteria, which, in turn, reduces the chances of illness while also sparing you from regular washing.

Temperature Regulation

Do you know that silk neither makes you feel too cold nor too warm?

Yes, that’s right! Silk regulates the temperature according to the surrounding environment. 

If you sweat too much, silk will thrust away the moisture, making you feel cool. Alternatively, if you don’t sweat, silk, a great insulator, will keep you warm by drying faster.

On the other hand, cotton will lose its insulation properties once it’s wet because it will absorb the moisture.  


Let’s face it: at one time or another, we just want to make a fashion statement, right?

Well, in that case, there’s no better fabric than silk – it is the ultimate symbol of elegance, excellence, and nobility.

From elevating your look to making you feel great, silk can do it all. Oh, and it also turns heads and gives people an idea of your bank balance. Don’t we all want that at times?

Silk Is The Ultimate Fabric

Silk is the clear winner in the battle of the fabrics. It’s softer, smoother, luxurious, breathable, good insulator, comfortable, and very hypoallergenic.

So, what are you waiting for?

Embrace silk and elevate your life.

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