Silk Scarf Styling Tips for Winter

As the temperature begins to drop during winters, two things come to mind:

  1. The constant need to be warm.
  2. The desire to look fab while doing so.

Although one may consider winter and fashion to be contradicting (cue: the layers and layers of clothing), there is a way to up your chic game while being subtly warm.

Wondering what we are talking about?

Silk scarves!

With their aesthetic prints and flexibility of style, silk scarves are a must-have.

Try these silk scarf styles during winters to look great and remain warm.

1. Silk Scarf Top

Did you know that you can style your scarf as a top in winter? 

Use a large silk square scarf to make it happen.

Begin by folding your scarf diagonally and wrapping the long end around your chest. End it by securing it using a knot.

It’s simple and great to add style and coziness to your attire, especially during winters. 

Look up our “Ayahuasca” silk scarf, which has long dimensions and can get you the look.

2. The Fashion Knot 

By far, the fashion knot is perhaps the most common, versatile, vintage, and stylish look out there for adorning silk scarves. 

Follow the steps to create the look with your silk scarf instantly:

  • Fold your scarf in half
  • Drape it around your neck, keeping one end looped on one shoulder
  • Pull one of the sides through the loop
  • Do the same with the second side
  • Tight the scarf and admire the look

Pair it up with a jacket or sweater to max out the appeal. 

Alternatively, you can also create a simple neck scarf by folding the long end of the scarf twice around your neck. Despite being a similar style compared to the fashion knot, this design will give you a longer drape and length.

3. Silk Head Scarf

Want to cover your head and still steal the show?

Use the following steps to create that look using silk scarves:

  • Using two diagonal corners of your scarf, fold it in half to resemble a triangle.
  • Place it over your head and fasten the two ends at the nape of your neck. 

On the other hand, you can even create a silk bandana scarf by tying it around your forehead. With your head being protected from outdoor elements such as sunlight, you’re ready to go with the admiring scarf look. 

For such a look, small square scarves work exceptionally well.

 Want to add a designer touch to your head scarves? Check out the designer silk scarves, “Fox” and “Mermaid” variants, to get that radiant feel.  

4. Pair with Other Accessories

Your personality is also reflected through accessories you wear, such as belts, watches, or bracelets. 

Quite recently, many females have started a trend by pairing silk scarves with belts and purses. Here is how they achieve that look: 

  • Use long rectangular scarfs as belts around your coats or thread them in the belt loops. 
  • Tie scarfs around purses’ handles to pop that natural look. 

You can also try these options and never run out of style during winters. 


Excited by the styling tips and want to make your winters more fashionable with silk scarves?

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