silk in different countries today

Silk In Different Countries Today



What comes into your mind when you think of silk?

Luxury, beauty, and glamor, right?Let’s face it: no other fabric can even come close to silk which is why it’s all the rage, all the time. 

Shiny, silky, soft, strong, lustry and durable, silk has all the desired properties. 

Hence, it’s no wonder that from celebrities dawning it on the red carpet to royal families across the globe adorning it, silk is the go-to choice of all eager to look and feel great. 

While back in the days, it was a rarity and reserved for nobility, now silk is much more common. Let’s take a look at the different ways silk is being used in different countries worldwide today.


Silk In China

We simply cannot talk about silk without talking about China, can we? After all, it was in ancient China that Silk was first developed. The origins of silk date back to the Neolithic era, where the production process was well-guarded and kept a secret for around 2000 years. Yes, that’s right.

Chinese realized the value of silk, and it was reserved for nobility. No wonder the affluent in the foreign nations were willing to pay high prices for silk.

Apart from the emperor and his family wearing robes made of silk, it was ingrained in Chinese culture and even used as a currency during the barter trade.

Even today, China dominates the global production of silk. It comes as no surprise that the most common usage of silk in china is clothing. Plus, it is also used in luxury pillows, comforters, wall hangings, and surgical thread.


Silk In India

India is the second-largest producer of silk, and saying that this queen of all fabrics is popular in India would be an understatement. 

Silk is widely used in the Indian textile and apparel Industry. So much so that even after being the second largest producer of silk, India has to import silk to cater to the high demand.

In India, silk is primarily used in women’s dresses – sarees – and decorative hangings as well as prayer mats, among other things. 


Silk In Japan

One of the leading consumers of silk in the world, Japan is obsessed with silk.

From samurai cloaks to kimonos – iconic and traditional Japanese robes – and book bindings for calligraphy to interior decorations such as wall hangings, silk has always been the preferred fabric in Japan.


Silk In Europe 

Italy, France, and Germany are at the forefront of silk consumption.

While the latter two are raw silk importers and processors, producing everything from clothing and silk scarves to interior decorations, the former is Europe’s largest silk market, consisting of silk garments, silk accessories, and interior decoration that are quite popular with the locals.


Silk In The United States of America


With a desire for high-quality, luxury, and easy-care fabrics, US has a thriving and dynamic silk market and robust demand for silk.

A plethora of silk products, ranging from silk scarves, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, evening wear, lingerie, underwear for men to home furnishing products such as decorative pillows, curtains, and wall hangings are used in the US.


The Gist

Silk is a force of nature. From elevating those wearing it to offering the utmost comfort thanks to its myriad of desired properties, it does it all – in style.

No wonder it’s in high demand and used for consumer apparel such as scarves, shirts, blouses, and lingerie, to name a few.

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