Wie trage ich einen Seidenschal? Laila Regalado zeigt Möglichkeiten auf, mit einem Seidenschal jeden Stil mühelos aufzupeppen.

A beautifully printed Silk Scarf adds glamour to any outfit; a timeless accessory that is easy to travel with since it takes up so little space and makes incredible transformations.

So, how do stylish women wear this must-have accessory in 2021?

By the way: The Silk Scarf has a long and very interesting history! If you are curious to find out more about this versatile accessory, you can read about its history by clicking on this link.

Scarves are some of the most versatile and travel friendly accessories. With its colors, prints and different textures they have the power to upgrade any outfit within seconds.

From the Cabrio-driving Diva in the 50’s that protects her hair in the wind to the Hippies with beautifully wild flowing hair brought under control with a band wrapped around the hair; Silk Scarves will never be out of fashion. 

Der Seidenschal "Formentera Vibes" von Laila Regalado ist eine Hommage an die Hippie-Zeit: Love Peace and Unity

Silk Scarves to accentuate the face


Silk Scarves as Hairbands to accentuate your face - we know this trend from the 70’s! 

The Hippies were famous for this iconic look in a very joyful and lifestyle-changing time.

What a wonderful time of peace, love and unity! Away from old traditions into a new way of seeing life and the earth.

Yes, yes, I know, it was not all sunshine and love - but let’s just be nostalgic for a minute and keep the memories bright and shining. In fact; this time has brought so much awareness to the topics that Laila Regalado stands for:

Peace, Love and Unity. This sounds like paradise.


Wearing a Silk Scarf


Giving an instant touch of color and more personality- silk scarves can be worn for every occasion and in many different styles.

It makes an amazing eye-catcher in our hair; either in the famous 70’s style to accentuate our face and keeping hair in place.

 It could just as well replace a scrunchy and give our outfit a more romantic touch to it - a French braid with a bow tie is one of the cutest things to see! I can’t take my eyes off this very unique and feminine look. 

I have also seen some beautiful pictures of women wearing Silk Scarves in their Dutch Braids. The Scarf is being implemented in the braided hair and becomes part of it. It looks fascinating and I admire this creativity.

Das Seidentuch im Haar getragen ist eine exzellente Möglichkeit, sein Haar zu schützen und das eigene Gesicht hervorzuheben

As a Belt around the Waist


Long Silk Scarves can be worn around the waist and replace a belt. This look will give an amazing silhouette and give that special „Wow“ to any outfit.

The Bandana Look


Square Silk Scarves can even replace a hat. They will protect our head from too much sun-exposure and keep us cool. 

In Ibiza I see this style from time to time - it looks super chic and at the same time effortlessly cool and laid back. 

For the classic Bandana look fold the scarf into a triangle, tie the ends into a knot either at the side or the back of your head. 



As a Bag Charm


I love the idea of wearing a silk scarf as a charm for the purse - it will give the purse a special look and put more emphasis on it.

Simply twist the scarf around the handle of your bag, et voila! 


The Handbag Hook


Protect your delicate purse handle and wrap the silk scarf around it. This instantly gives purses that extra glamour.


On the Wrist


Wearing silk scarves around their wrist is a very cute style for fashionistas.

For this outfit, fold a square scarf into a triangle and then wrap it around your wirst. A long silk band does not need the folding, simply wrap it around your wrist and make a bow tie or secure it with a knot.


The Stewardess Look


Of course, the timeless Stewardess-Look: Wearing a Silk Scarf around the neck. Drape it down your chest and tie the strands into a knot.



As a Bow Tie or a Tie


There are so many variations; Giving it a cute and romantic look while worn as a bow-tie, or just making a knot and wearing it like a necktie with a blouse for a more down-to-earth and business look.


A Choker


Wrap it around your neck and knot the ends in the back of your neck. Leave the long strands to hang.

A Square Scarf needs to be folded as a triangle and then rolled up before wrapping it around the neck.


Long and Loose Front Wrap


An effortlessly stylish statement; Drape the scarf around your neck and tie it loosely halfway down its length. 

This style looks excellent in autumn with a Trenchcoat. 




A very elegant look is the Silk Scarf loosely hanging from the neck. No ties, no knots, just a beautiful print that compliments your unique look.


Make it your own Look

There is almost no limits to HOW and on what part of the body a Silk Scarf can be worn.

Fact is: There are numerous possibilities to fresh-up a look and give it that special bling!


By wearing Laila Regalado, you are not only purchasing a Silk Scarf. 

You are setting a statement:

Give love, give hope and let us grow as women.


I am proud to announce that 100 % of the profit for these models will be donated for a good cause:







Set a statement.

Choose love


Express your Vibe!

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