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Scarves are usually considered secondary apparel or simply an accessory piece. However, they are as essential as the clothes we drape on ourselves. Yes, that’s right! But when it comes to opting for a particular scarf, you might get bogged down due to the different choices available.

Plus, it doesn’t help that there isn’t a special guide to help you select the best scarf for yourself. Don’t worry. Because today, we’ll unwrap the mystery and teach you how to select the best silk scarf wrap around your neck this season.

Fabric of Scarves


Scarves come in as many fabrics as the twirls found in those scarves. Fabric is important as it determines a scarf’s texture, appearance, and suitability for different weather conditions. 

Some popular fabrics include:

  • Alpaca Scarves


Made from Alpaca wool, alpaca scarves are soft to touch like cotton, but are warmer, softer, and more lustrous - they are suited for cold climates.

  • Cashmere Scarves


Cashmere is made from a goat’s wool and requires great care. Despite the extra care that is needed, cashmere rewards its careful owner as it gets softer over time.

  • Cotton Scarves


Perfect for Summer, cotton scarves are durable and an affordable option.

  • Jersey Scarves


For something trendier and easier to have embellishments on, Jersey scarf is a great option

  • Linen Scarves


Crafted with the fibers of a flax plant, linen is a breathable fabric that makes linen scarf a great choice for Summers.

  • Silk Scarves


Silk’s production is more difficult and complicated. Extracted from mulberry silkworm’s larvae cocoons, silk can either be shiny or matte; additionally, silk looks delicate and is soft to touch, yet it is durable and lasts a long time if taken care of.

While there are many options available, silk scarfs, such as those made by Laila Regalado, are premium and last a lifetime. Therefore, a silk scarf that checks all these boxes should be the one you go with.

Quality of Scarves


Quality is the most important factor. Since it determines how good your silk scarf looks and how long it lasts. Your silk scarf must have impeccable stitching that is smooth to touch and a pleasure to look at.

Colors of Scarves


Silk scarfs look great in any color. But that does not mean you could get just any color! You should preferably get a silk scarf in a versatile hue that complements your staple clothes. Additionally, colors should be deep and rich with a luster that makes you look royal.

Purpose of Scarves


While color, fabric, and quality are important, a silk scarf’s purpose should be the guiding light that helps you select only the best silk scarf. A silk scarf is a statement, but it is also an expression of one’s beliefs and what one stands for. Therefore, as you select a silk scarf, you should focus on where the silk is sourced from. Only when you connect with your silk scarf can you pick the best silk scarf for yourself and make a difference each day.

Bottom Line


Every silk scarf is a beacon of luxury that offers an opportunity to make the world a better place and connect with nature on a spiritual level.

Buy the best silk scarf and reconnect with feminine divinity, empowerment, and a commitment to make the world a better place! 

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