How to reclaim your divine feminine power

Connecting with the divine feminine source within us can be one of the most empowering and nurturing experience ever.

The principle of yin and yang says that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites; 

Yin Qualities








Yang Qualities







You can read more about this fascinating principles and the qualities here.

 Gender and Energy are not the same

Human beings are born with a gender; we are either female or male. Having a gender does not define the driving forces we are living by. Meaning: A female by gender is not necessarily driven by female energy, and a male by gender does not need to have masculine energy, just because of the birth-given gender.

Some of us might know females who are extremely outspoken, active and "aggressive", qualities that are assigned to the masculine principle. 

Others might know males who are very nurturing, caring and creative; qualities that belong to the feminine principle.

The principle of feminine and masculine is more complex. It is not based on our gender. Instead, we ALL -men and women- have both energies within us. With the purpose to complement one another. When we, as humans, are creative, receptive and intuitive, we are within our feminine source. When we are active, disciplined, goal-getting, we are within our masculine energy.

For over thousands of years, the masculine energy is overpowering in this world. Our society has much appreciation for goal-getters, active and ambitious people. What has been missing is the female force; the intuitive, creative and receptive soul. 

(Read more about it explained by Deepak Chopra here.)

Every imbalance comes with tremendous impact on our well-being

This imbalance in this world also shows in many women nowadays (as well as the more sensitive men):

Women might feel their intuitive powers are not appreciated. Their soft, receptive and nurturing soul might be "wrong" in this active and sometimes aggressive world.

That is why reconnecting and realigning with your feminine energy will give you balance.

Even though masculinity is very needed, within the individual as much as within the world itself. It is important to maintain balance.

Our world, the outside-world as well as our inner-world, needs balance to function properly. Just as in the yin-and-yang principle: One can not be without the other. Without light there is no dark, without heaven there will not be earth and without female, there will not be male. They are interconnected. One cannot exist without the other, one shall not overpower the other. 

How you can reclaim your feminine energy

In order to (re)connect to the divine feminine source within you, always remember: The feminine is receptive, water, passive and nurturing. 

Instead of walking towards the goal to "get" to your feminine source, let your intuition be the force. Be like water, let yourself be taken on a journey.

1. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most life-changing experiences you can possibly do to yourself. It changes your brain structure, the way you think PLUS while meditating you are completely within your feminine energy. 

Read all about the benefits of meditation here.

 2. Tap into your intuition

We are born with intuition. Some call it "gut feeling", others might call it psychic awareness. At some point in our lives, we forget about our intuition. We are trained to ignore those feelings, that are not based on facts.

Your intuition might not always be right, but when it comes to your gut feeling, you should always listen carefully. It will allow your divine feminine energy to become stronger and build reliable intuitive skills the more they are being trained.

3. Journaling

By Journaling, you are connecting to your desires, your wishes, hopes and thoughts. Going within yourself is builds an amazing connection to your divine feminine soul. Nurture it!

4. Examine your wounds surrounding femininity

What does it mean to you, living in a "Men's World" as a woman? This has been one of my personal topics that I needed to dig deeper into. In fact, I started ancestral healings, soul retrievals and womb ceremonies in order to grow stronger out of challenges being faced with as a woman. 

What are your obstacles? What did it mean to you, being female? Do you have brothers who had been favored over you? Have you been favored over them? Did you feel helpless in situations because of your gender? Did anyone ever tell you you should not do something, because you are female?

How does this make you feel? Journal about it and get in touch with your shadow self. Read more about shadow work here.

5. Slow down and rest more

In an active world, rest is so important and valuable. Do not fear to rest but nurture your soul and give yourself time to regenerate.

6. Do a womb-awakening ceremony (or read about it)

Have you ever heard about a womb awakening? This is a magical ceremony. The first dine I did this I felt... nothing. I could not connect to my womb and I thought all of this is some new-age nonsense. The year after, I felt the distorted masculine and feminine energies within me and tried it again. With the same guide. This time, it was a truly magical experience. I have gained so much confidence and clarity and I bet that you will, too.

You can do a Womb Initiation online or in person. I did mine in person, but if you prefer them online, here are some websites that might be helpful:




A book that will tell you more about the magic of our womb is called "Womb Awakening" by Ara Bertrand. With 1.000 pages It is a book packed full of information! You might check it out on scribd

7. Draw, play music, dance, read, write. Be creative!

When we are creative, we are within our divine feminine source and experience deep healing and a connection the divine within. Embrace your creative soul!

8. Work with Spirit Guides

Sure, we can do everything within ourselves. But sometimes it is so nice to receive guidance. During your meditation or manifestation practices, why not seek guidance from spirit animals or Gods and Goddesses? Praying, chanting and honoring our spirit guides is an empowering experience. It reminds us that we are universal beings, we are one and we are connected with the source. Enjoy this feeling of deep connection to your spirit guides, God and the godly within yourself.

9. Be kind

The female energy is kind, nurturing, compassionate and empathetic. Be within your female energy and perform "random acts of kindness".

A beautiful book about kindness is "Random Acts of Kindness" by Angela Santomero. You can find it on Scribd or Amazon.

10. Show your true colors

Whatever they are; Maybe you love all colors and the more colors there are, the better? Or you are black an white, or only black? Yellow? Whichever your colors are; they are you! It is time to show the "real you". If that even exists. Show, who you decided to be today, this very hour, in this minute. Be present. Be uniquely you. 

Honor and celebrate that "you". Love yourself unconditionally. Accept your feminine as well as your masculine energies. Bring them in harmony and let them protect one another, as they are interconnected and one cannot be without the other. 

Remember: You can be a female with a strong masculine energy and that is perfectly fine and welcome. Honor this side of yours without neglecting the feminine. 

It is all about Balance.

I designed Silk Scarves because I know how difficult it can be to always remember what gives us strength and courage. The helpers on my spiritual journey have been goddesses, lots of colors and Spirit Animals such as the raven, the wolf and the fox. I honor those animals and believe in the strength and courage they are able to give every spiritually seeking. Embrace these beautiful animals and keep them close to you, as for they will remind you of what gives you courage and nurtures your soul.

I wish you a wonderful journey to your own, divine feminine source. May love and light be with you.

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