how fashion has evolved with time



Fashion has evolved more in the last hundred years than it has in the last millennium. Yes, that’s right!

Whether it is because of ever-changing viral trends, fleeting fads, or people’s urge to own the most unique style, fashion is changing faster than we can cope with it.

Let us explore its dramatic journey from 1920 to 2020. 

A Fashionable Century – 1920



Suits that received popularity in the late 1880s continued their dominance in 1920. 

However, there were several innovations. 

Lounge suits embraced a narrow cut, necks adorned knot ties, and collars became pointed downwards.



While the early 1920s and parlour movement announced positive news for women empowerment, women's fashion took – what some might call – a step back.

Contrary to high-waisted trousers, women’s waistlines dropped to hip level to obscure natural curves. 

Hemlines showed high flexibility as they drifted between ankle-length and often mid-calf length.

Jewellery and the light-weight silk scarf that covered the head fashionably became a common sight, in addition to cloche hats.

War, Fashion, and Famine – the 1940s



Men’s fashion did not experience any changes, but there was a shift to uniforms. 

Military uniforms became the new style statement for men. 

Years leading up to WW2 saw them become trimmer, crisper, and sharper that complemented their short hair and clean-shaven faces of the time.



Wartime shortages meant women clothing took a big hit. 

Pleats went into oblivion, trimmings ceased to exist, and skirts became shorter to ration limited fabric.

While the use of cloth reduced, other fashionable accessories became important. 

Silk scarves, high-heeled platform shoes and sandals, and flowery hats became a trend that continued for decades to come.

A Matrimony Between Fashion & Economy – 1960s

As the world healed from war trauma and economies recovered, fashion also experienced a significant upward trajectory.



For the past one hundred and fifty years, men had to put on dull and lifeless layers of cloth. 

The 1960s ushered an age that colorized photographs and men's fashion!

Colorful, collarless jackets, slim-fitted trousers reminiscent of a superstar's look, and boots forayed onto men's fashion scene taking everyone by surprise and delight.



The 1960s allowed women to explore spiritual designs and distinct patterns and textures borrowed from non-Western cultures thanks to the spread of the hippy movement across America.

Makeup became widely available, skirts became shorter, leading to the age of mini-skirts, and silk scarves once again rose to prominence – even amongst men.


Media's Dominance: Fashion in the 1980s

Televisions had become common after World War 2. However, it was not until the 1980s that every household owned television and tuned into tv shows, music festivals, and movies.

Cultural icons and celebrities influenced 1980s fashion.



Casual wear, including fitted tees, narrow and bell-bottom jeans, and casual Ray-Bans, rose to prominence.



Women’s fashion was a fusion between hippy movement inspired fashion and evening gowns inspired by celebrities.

Capri pants, ponchos, bootcut jeans, and denim shorts dominated the Western spheres of fashion.


Pre-Run To Modern Fashion – 2000


For both men and women, fashion in 2000 was an advancement of fashion from the late 1990s. 

The world had gone global, and with the rise of the American dream, various people flocked to the USA, leading to a culmination of diverse cultures and ethnicities reflected in the rapidly evolving fashion scene of 2000.

Fashion styles from centuries before and the most modern fashion styles came together and shaped the early 2000s.

Modern Fashion – 2010-2020

The past decade observed the most dynamic fashion trends. 

New apparel categories, such as casual gym wear, unique pieces of clothing like jeggings, and new experiments with styles, such as oversized clothes, came to light.

Additionally, the last decade also witnessed designers resurrecting fashion from the previous decades. 

From silk scarf to classic evening gowns, today’s fashion is highly inspired by yesterday’s fashion.


Fashion has evolved with time for centuries, but the last decade was evidence that fashion has reached its apex. 

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