Extend The Life Of Your Silk Scarves With These Useful Tips

Silk scarves are a worthwhile investment, adding a powerful touch to your outfit.

However, if not adequately cared for, these delicate, vibrant scarves might lose their charm.

Want to make the most of your investment and keep your on-the-go look intact for a long time to come?

Here are a few insightful tips to help you keep your prized wardrobe fabric – silk – as good as new.

Washing Tips For Silk Scarves

Most people mistake washing this delicate fabric the same way they wash their other clothes.

Well, that's totally wrong.

A maintenance wash once a month is enough for silk scarves, ensuring that no dirt or facial oil traps within fibers.

Frequently washing them may dull their colors and break down the fibers, causing early wearing of the scarf.

Therefore, you must read the label first that identifies which method, either dry cleaning or handwashing, is better.

If you intend to hand wash your silk printed scarf, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Wash in lukewarm water with a gentle detergent, free from bleach or brighteners
  • Rub gently for at most five minutes
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals and colors
  • Never use the washing machine as fibers can get damaged in the process.

Drying Tips For Silk Scarves

Pure silk scarves are delicate, which means you cannot squeeze them like every other cloth to remove excess moisture.

Instead, wring gently using the following two ways:

  • Hold them in a ball shape and roll like a towel, or
  • Lay them out on a dry towel and press/roll to remove excess moisture.

With the excess water out, it's time to dry them. However, most people dry in sunlight, which can be damaging due to the hot sun rays.

A better alternative is to dry them in the air, keeping their vibrant colors alive like before. Also, instead of hanging them, lay them flat to avoid them deforming.

Pro tip: Place your long silk scarf flat on a towel as the soft sponge will absorb water quickly, drying them faster.

Ironing Silk Scarves

Alas, your pure silk scarf is dry. But wait, there's one more thing left to go.

The fabric can shrink or get wrinkles after washing or keeping them away for a while. Hence, it's time you iron your designer headscarf. But be careful; there are some things you need to consider before pressing your scarf.

  • Always set the temperature at low.
  • Place a cloth between iron and scarf to prevent any burn damage
  • Iron in reverse without putting much pressure.

Storing Silk Scarfs 

Piling up your silk scarves like any other cloth is not an option as it can cause creases and damage the fabric.

Instead, you must keep them flat or hang them evenly in a cool, dry environment.

Alternatively, you can even use airtight containers for storage. They can also keep away the pests and insects attracted to silk as it's a protein.

Also, rather than using mothballs or insecticides to protect silk fibers, use herbal sachets that are natural and organic.


Try out the tips listed above and keep your pure silk scarf in vibrant and glorious form for a long time.

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