Add Silk to your Retro Outfits
3 Ways to Add Silk to a Retro Outfit

Celebrities, designers, and influencers alike are impatient, always on the lookout to reignite and create an uproar in the fashion world with a retro look from the past.
Indeed, the chic retro outfits can be irresistible, and we know you yearn to try them.
But what if we tell you there's something that can add more style and glamour to your existing retro look?
It's none other than using the mighty silk.
Yes, you heard that right!
Here's how you can use silk to add a powerful touch to your retro look.
Neck Scarf for a Retro Look

A vintage leather jacket along with sleek leather pants – this chic retro outfit is guaranteed to let you embrace fashion from the past.
If you want to glam it up a bit more, consider flaunting a pure silk scarf around your neck. Start by wrapping the large silk scarf around your neck in a rolled form and fasten it with double knots on one end.
Similarly, you can even try Parisian knots with your retro outfit. Simply begin with halving your small silk scarves and tying them over your neck.
Additional tip: Add a matching hat to complete your outfit for a more defined retro look.
Traditional Hair Wrap

We all know the amazing benefits of silk for hair. From protecting hairline from frizz to fray, silk headscarves are a blessing.
What if we told you that hair wrap with a silk headscarf could help you don a unique vintage look too?
Here is how you can get the style:
Place a large silk scarf over your hair
Tie the loose ends at the back of the hair
Use the loose ends and create a ponytail
Twist the scarf until it is tight enough
Wrap the twisted ponytail to form a bun
This versatile hair wrap can go with any outfit and ignite that vintage look you were looking for.
The Cowgirl Retro Outfit

In the 1960s, at the time of the Hippy movement. as you walked down the streets of Italy, every passerby would admire and appreciate your look consisting of suede vests/jackets with hats.
Fortunately, we have a way to make that cowgirl statement in the 2020s too – using a silk neck loop.
A neck loop using a silk scarf is one of the trendiest and most famous scarf styles out there. Here's how you can style it:
Begin by folding your scarf in half
Place it around your neck, with a loop on one side
Pull one end through the loop
Take the other end and place it over the loop
Finally, pull it through the opposite way
With a neck loop, you're all set to add glamor and style to your retro cowgirl outfit.
Go Retro With Laila Regalado

Retro outfits never seem to go out of fashion.
Why not make them unique yet stylish using well-adorned silk accessories, especially scarves?
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