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From Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Aniston, the scarf has been a staple good in the wardrobe of women from all walks of life. In fact, its importance was even stressed when Rebecca Bloomwood made her career as The Girl In The Green Scarf  in the movie "The Confessions of A Shopaholic". 

But what is it about these scarves, or silk scarves specifically, that make them oh-so-special? Let’s explore! 

  1. Keeps Allergies At Bay


Silk is a hypoallergenic material. It has a natural resistance against dust, fungus, and several other allergens, thereby keeping your skin free from irritation. So, if wearing scarves has always been an issue for you, causing red skin post-wear or constant sneezing, know that silk does not make you go through any of that.

As a durable, natural fiber, silk is also light and breathable, becoming a breeze to adorn and stun in!

  1. Wrinkle-Resistant


Did you know that silk is considered the strongest natural fiber? It opposes wrinkle formation when held or compressed, making it easier for you to “dress to impress” without fearing any wrinkle marks as you sit, stand, walk, or lie down. 

Glamorize your look for any event with a silk scarf that stays with you through thick and thin (and iron and un-ironed!) to make you stand out.  

  1. A Treat For Your Hair


Have you heard the term “Silky Smooth”? Being non-porous, silk has an admirable quality of being ultra-smooth. This means that it does not dry out water from your hair. Instead, it slides (or glides?) over your hair, remaining soft, tangle-free, and making your luscious locks look desirably healthy and utterly perfect.


If this was not enough, silk scarves also help lock-in moisture in your hair, keeping your hairdos intact and frizz-free for hours at end.  

  1. Versatile & Trendy


If you thought you could only wear a scarf around your neck or cover your hair – think again! The best part of silk scarves is their versatility of usage. Wear it as a headband, wrap it around your arm, cover your shoulders with a bow in front, or twirl it around your handbag’s handle, you can never run out of creative ideas! 

Our suggestion: Invest in solids as well as printed scarves and keep changing their combinations with your attire to remain trendy.

  1. Helps You Sleep


No, this is not a joke. Silk is soft to touch, fully breathable, and does not absorb any odors. This makes it your perfect pillow companion at bedtime. 

Stroke the silk as you fall asleep or place your head upon it. Its softness helps your nervous system relax while regulating your body temperature for a good night’s sleep. 


Parting Thoughts


Silk scarves are all the rage right now, and they do not seem to be going out of style any time soon. With numerous ways to style a silk scarf and a myriad of print choices, keep your fashion game on top, scarf-in-hand, and head held high.

Wondering where you can get premium-quality silk scarves from? Look no further than Laila Regalado!

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